Women Are Strong

Today we have a guest post written by my own Selah Wright. She wrote this little essay one night when she was having a hard time sleeping. She brought it in before she went off to sleep and left it for me to read. I loved it. She makes me one proud mama.


Women Are Strong (Original)
by Selah Wright

Have you ever known that women are strong in all ways? Well we are and we help each other out when we’re facing problems. When we face our problems we should remember this, (if someone hurts you with words) “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Even though sticks and stones can’t actually break your bones, it’s a good thing to remember.

We have women around the world who can almost lift a car. Now that takes a LOT of practice. It also takes a LOT of courage. You also have to believe in yourself.

In conclusion, the world around is full of women who are strong in both ways. Whether it’s helping someone face their fears and facing your fears, and also just strength in your muscles that make you strong. Women are strong inside and out. Women aren’t just strong, they’re loving, kind, brave and courageous.


Remember this ladies; you are loving, kind, brave and courageous. Live this out because our little girls are watching to see what kind of women they should grow up to become! Be the kind of woman you hope your daughter will be!





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