A Pause and Reflection

One of the presumed meanings of my daughter’s name, a pause and reflection. Selah. It rolls sweet from the tongue. And she is just as beautiful as her name. Full of life and full of grace, with a loving, nurturing soul.

Five years ago Selah so sweetly entered our lives and so began the weirdest journey I’ve ever been on. And not because she is weird (that is the obvious result of her amazingly eccentric parents), but because parenting has been nothing like I’ve expected it to be.

From day 1 its been an adventure. I never expected to experience times of such extreme highs and extreme lows. That I could love such a tiny person so much and yet some days want to hide from her presence, just to feel myself again. She has truly brought a whole new level of joy to our lives.


It has been an incredible five years watching her grow and change from a baby to a person, with a personality all of her own. Watching her form her own opinions, develop her personality, nurture her brother and love God so much. If I am proud of any one thing it is that. Even at this early age of five, she truly loves the Lord. And I couldn’t be happier. I only hope that as she grows, so does her desire to know, love and serve God and His people. I can’t wait to see the person she becomes. And I’m so excited to be with her every step of that way!


So happy birthday to the weirdest little angel I know!! Mommy loves you so much!!



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