“And I knew that the spirit that had gone forth to shape the world and make it live was still alive in it. I just had no doubt. I could see that I lived in the created world, and it was still being created. I would be part of it forever.” – – Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow

This year fall feels so much like a rebirth of spirit. I have been captivated by the crisp air and cool breezes all around. They leave me slightly chilled and yet warm my heart and I feel delightfully childlike. I want to set myself free and run through the colored trees as fast as I can and fall into the grass and let the crisp air soak into my lungs. The sun rises later and sets sooner leaving the moon to light the longer nights, to restore the energy of those who bask in it. It shines crisper and the stars have doubled around it. I could live in perfect fall evenings forever. I could live in perfect fall forever.

We have had such a good autumn so far. We are so busy, yet are finding time to enjoy the little things. The zoo, the park,  the last few weeks of the farmer’s market, the last days of driving with the windows down. Too soon will the snow be here.

We painted pumpkins tonight. We thought it would be cleaner. It wasn’t. We were just as messy, though cleaning up was much better. I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures during the pumpkin festivities, but we have the after results. And, I’d rather not make another post just for Halloween, so here are my precious babies ready to go (just a few days early).




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