Two weeks clean.

Two weeks clean, from an innocent addiction. Facebook. Clean from the constant need for validation. The constant need to see what everyone is up to, even if I didn’t care. To see if my status was worthy of several comments, or if everyone liked my picture. The constant need to see if I was truly good enough to be liked by everyone. The constant need to make sure that my life was better than others, even though that’s not the kind of person I am.

I was so tired. Tired of wasting my life for a virtual existence. Tired of silently judging my friends. Tired of ignoring the requests of my children competing with a computer for my time. Tired of putting off developing relationships here and now for acquaintances that I had little contact with. Tired of living in a house that was always a crazy mess and having no time to clean it!

So October 5, 2011, I quit. I deleted every bit of my facebook existance. Every picture ever posted. Every comment ever made. I have no information, I have no friends. I have no account. Five years of facebook history, erased. Comments from friends I forgot I ever had, gone.

It feels… amazing. I feel so FREE! 

There is nothing holding me back now! So what have I learned since I quit Facebook?

1. I DO have time to clean my house! Every day! I have at least 15 minutes to put away dishes and pick up toys and coats off the floor.

2. I have time to read books! An amazing amount of time, now that I’m choosing to read books instead of a news feed.

3. My kids enjoy my undivided attention. And they deserve it.

4. I still communicate with the friends who care about me! I don’t need Facebook to help me stay in contact with those I love. The ones I love will always call, text or email.

5. I don’t need notifications to validate my existence. There are so many people in my life who do that for me. And most important, I have a God who values my life. Who sent His son because I was important to him and worthy of His love.

What have I accomplished since October 5?

1. My house is CLEAN. Hard to believe, but it is.

2. My laundry is caught up and about 80% is put away (because lets face it, I’ll never have all my laundry put away!)

3. We have made several trips to the park. And many more to come.

4. I’ve read 4 chapters of a book. Considering that I haven’t finished a book in 2 years, that’s pretty good. (Also partly due to my son now being at a more independent age! Let me tell you, its hard to read anything with a baby/toddler!)

5. I have rearranged 3 different rooms of my home. It feels more like home now!


I received some criticism before I quit, why get rid of it when its the best way to stay in contact with people? But it was honestly one of the best things I’ve done. I miss seeing pictures of my friends and watching their children grow. But I don’t miss any other part of it one bit. This has been the best two weeks. And just in case you miss my face…


3 thoughts on “Two weeks clean.

  1. Hether, I am SOOO grateful for your challenge to break the addiction! I haven’t been caught up in facebook for two weeks! I don’t log on to check newsfeeds, or update statuses. I only respond to emails from people who don’t communicate in other ways. It’s just a wonderful freedom. You rock. And also, I had no idea that you were such a fantastic writer. You should submit an idea to Ashleigh at Ungrind. Just saying…you are very good. Love you. I like this part of our friendship best so far — if only we were closer.

    1. Thank you. I have always like to write, in fact I was almost an English/Literature major. (About as far opposite as Nurse Midwife as you can get) I have just never done much with it because I never know what to write about. Give me a topic and I am on it, otherwise I wait for it to come to me. Something made obvious by my very few blog posts 🙂

      I like this part of our friendship best too.

  2. Heather!!!
    The freedom you are experiencing is so encouraging to read about. We need to hear of more transparent courageous social media risks like the one you have taken. Enjoy what matters most 😉

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